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From www.sexybeijing.tv In this episode our host Sufei and guest hosts Jamel and Mia go to Beijing's hottest Hip Hop Party to look for a little bling bling. Along the way they meet some of Beijing's up and coming rappers, see a freestyle battle, and, of course, check out some of Beijing's sexiest girls. Also features DJ Wordy, Nasty Ray, Knocka and the Yincang (أcrew. Yu Gong Yi Shan (޹ɽR.I.P. (more)
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bianxiangbianqiao (2007-10-11 1:20:02)
I like the video, well made. Not wanting to sound intolerant,

I must say that as a native of BJ I think hip hop is just not right

for Chinese (or any east asian) guys. It makes them look

clownish and creepy.

Fay M (2007-10-10 19:53:39)
Sufei,where's your mum?
(2007-10-8 12:01:48)
ya so why the split?
(2007-10-8 5:45:12)
ya so why the sply?
Sexy Staff (2007-10-5 11:22:22)
We are the production team behind almost all the video content that was

previously on Danwei and Danwei TV. We parted ways with Danwei but

we are continuing to produce the shows we developed on Danwei.

The continued development of these shows on www.sexybeijing.tv has

the blessings of the crew behind danwei.org and danwei.tv. So there

is no "ripping off" going on and we are trying hard to spread

the news about the nature of our split with Danwei.

B (2007-10-5 11:07:51)
Why are you ripping off Danwei?
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