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From www.sexybeijing.tv In this episode our host Sufei and guest hosts Jamel and Mia go to Beijing's hottest Hip Hop Party to look for a little bling bling. Along the way they meet some of Beijing's up and coming rappers, see a freestyle battle, and, of course, check out some of Beijing's sexiest girls. Also features DJ Wordy, Nasty Ray, Knocka and the Yincang (隐藏)crew. Yu Gong Yi Shan (愚公移山)R.I.P. (more)
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J-spa (2007-10-26 13:31:58)
Nasty Ray?? man he sure is nasty, and those brothers are so not dope...and the fat mans ho needs some serious work on her grille! truly some nasty stuff here..
c-dawg (2007-10-16 10:40:42)
dungetitstarted - u might call em wannabes or copycats, but everyone has their own

avatar and personality. and as for the "hoe" calling, all women are hoes. hookers

are discount prices and your everyday avg woman is retail priced. btw, i really hate

hiphop or rap and what it conveys. not my cup of tea.
dungetitstarted (2007-10-15 8:08:38)
watching this video got me thinking "what the fxxk is wrong

with these Beijing kids?". These kids I see are a bunch

of 50-cent-wannabe and the victims of commercialized

"Hip Hop". You call us girls a "ho"? hello?? Are you from the Brooklyn?

you dress "Hip Hop" and wear fake bling bling because this is the

only way that u can get girls (even the girls are kinda ugly too)

and be "cool". I love Hip Hop, and I've met some genuine and respectful

Beijing kids who can rap, and they don't rap for getting laid

or hang stupid fake big chain on their neck or (most

importantly) they don't call a woman a "ho".
c-dawg (2007-10-13 6:48:40) ★★★★★
awesome video, laughed my ass off! keep up the great work!
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