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Winter is in the air in Beijing, and some of Smacker's fans want to know about how Beijingers deal with the cold. When should you start wearing long underwear? What's up with all the cabbage and green onions on the street? Why isn't my heat on yet?
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Barbie (2008-1-6 15:21:19)
What do Chinese Men think about dating white girls.
Ruud (޵) (2007-11-22 19:13:05)
Hi Sophie,

I recently returned from Beijing after having lived there for half a year. China and definitely beijing have stolen my hart. I somtimes actually feel a little homesick towards Beijing. So this is my question to Smacker: Is there a treat she knows to help me with this homesickness? Thank you.

I'm from the Netherlands

P.s. Thank you for the programs, I love them
Kristan (2007-11-22 0:25:51)
Sophie, Thank you so much for your site, I recently returned from Beijing and your videos were a great preview to real life in the city. Now that I am in love with Beijing - they keep me close to the city I hope to return to very soon. I have a question for Smacker. While I was in Beijing, we had many amazing meals. There seems to be an art to ordering the perfect spread of food. What would smacker consider the perfect meal for 6 people. I am writing from Portland, Oregon.
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