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Sexy Beijing is a show about love, lust, youth culture and street life in China's capital. This episode is about one girl's search for a boyfriend on the mean streets of Beijing, featuring interviews with old timers hanging out in hutongs and young people in the trendy shopping district of Wangfujing.
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Yasutoshi (2014-12-21 6:14:26) ★★★
Knocked my socks off with knelowdge!
1 (2014-4-24 16:56:35)
-1' (2014-4-24 16:56:33)
Budd (2014-3-5 10:04:27)
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give us an update of this boy Sufei! (2008-2-16 11:58:10)
right , give us an update of this boy Sufei!
樊星 (2007-12-7 0:21:58) ★★★★★
my name is barryjoy

danwei 团队 +U继续努力 !!
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