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Beijing's new Line 5 subway opened in October. We take a ride on the new line, check out its new features and talk to riders. We also take

a look at Beijing's Bus Rapid Transit system, a system in which buses have their own lanes to avoid traffic.
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(2007-11-12 1:15:46)
Are you fucking kidding me? What a tool bag (commenter below).

Anyway, the background music is outstanding.
Hater (2007-11-10 17:17:30)
Ignore the hater...
(2007-11-10 6:53:12)
Good content. But the host is still strange-looking and unprofessional. Wearing a breasts-revealing top while interviewing an elderly woman? Mia Li, you still got a long way to go.
HDDim (2007-11-9 12:19:53)
Interesting. Keep up the good work!

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