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Beijing's new Line 5 subway opened in October. We take a ride on the new line, check out its new features and talk to riders. We also take

a look at Beijing's Bus Rapid Transit system, a system in which buses have their own lanes to avoid traffic.
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-1' (2014-3-14 9:00:59)
Deena (2014-3-5 10:19:13)
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CK (2008-2-16 5:17:26)
Fantastic stuff, keep it up.
Z (2007-12-24 8:37:03)
Mia Li is so sexy.
Sujit (2007-11-15 14:36:08)
Very good video. Best of luck to Beijing.
noey (2007-11-12 10:37:35)
agree the dress part
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