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The Hard Hat Show has been under construction for a while, but we think you'll like the new face of the show that brings you news, attitudes and interviews about China.

In this episode we visit Englishman Nick Bonner, a Beijing-based filmmaker who has produced a series of documentaries about North Korea. His latest film, "Crossing the Line" is the story of an American Defector who has lived in Pyong Yang for 45 years after fleeing from a U.S. military court martial in 1962.

Find out more about the film at http://www.crossingthelinefilm.com

Bonner also leads tours to the DPRK http://www.koryogroup.com,

and deals in North Korean art, http://www.pyongyangartstudio.com
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Sexy Staff (2007-10-23 13:12:19)
Thanks for your comments and we will take them into account

as we continue to create new shows. We welcome comments

in both English and Chinese, however, it is our policy to edit or

remove personal attacks and blatantly disrespectful comments.

As this is our website, we believe that is the respectful and right

thing to do. And please remember, "Wen Ming Ban Wang!"
Lei (2007-10-23 13:08:54)
Where is my comment? It is not allowed to leave comment

in Chinese here, so the administrator of this website deleted

my comment? That is totally unfair. Although I left my comments

in Chinese before, but I told the truth.You could disapprove

what I say,but you can't deprive my right to say it.By the way,

this new host is a disaster.I don't like her, she ruins this show.
(2007-10-22 3:06:40)
This is the new host???!!! Are you kidding with us??
D~ (2007-10-21 3:08:01)
i love all the vid you made coz you recorded a real beijing.

And keep going^_^

D~ (2007-10-21 3:08:01)
i love all the vid you made coz you recorded a real beijing.

And keep going^_^

(2007-10-19 11:13:21)
The new host is crass and unsophisticated.

Her presentation kills the content!

We want Jeremy back!
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