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The Hard Hat Show has been under construction for a while, but we think you'll like the new face of the show that brings you news, attitudes and interviews about China.

In this episode we visit Englishman Nick Bonner, a Beijing-based filmmaker who has produced a series of documentaries about North Korea. His latest film, "Crossing the Line" is the story of an American Defector who has lived in Pyong Yang for 45 years after fleeing from a U.S. military court martial in 1962.

Find out more about the film at http://www.crossingthelinefilm.com

Bonner also leads tours to the DPRK http://www.koryogroup.com,

and deals in North Korean art, http://www.pyongyangartstudio.com
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zheng123 (2014-10-27 8:56:01) ★★★★★
Patricio (2007-12-22 21:10:20) ★★
Mia, you need more confidence to hold the sexy show. but you are good. Sufei, i do miss you a lot...
Ryumi (2007-11-27 4:24:49) ★★★★★
Hey that was great, hope its coming to Ireland some time
(2007-10-27 5:03:40)
这个HOST非常浅薄,很明显. 但没有必要骂人.
(2007-10-27 5:02:14)
This new host has a lot, I mean a lot to learn from Sufei! She'd better be a production assistant for now.
Fan (2007-10-25 16:57:25)
Like you'd look so good put in front of a camera.
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