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This episode of the Hard Hat Show is about migrant workers in Beijing. It includes interviews and footage of an event at Beijing's Jianwai Soho real esate development where an NGO called Hua Dan, together with UNESCO and the property developers, organized 'Together with Migrants'.

This day long event was intended to both teach and entertain migrant workers and inform the general public about their plight. In this episode of the Hard Hat Show, we speak to migrant workers as well as artists and organizers from the event, and find out what some of the workers think of the Jianwai Soho development and Pan Shiyi, the media figure and tycoon behind it.

This episode was shot by Anna Sophie Loewenberg, Hao Chong and Luke Mines, edited and with interviews by Anna Sophie Loewenberg, presented by Jeremy Goldkorn, with music by Fernando Fidanza. Pan Shiyi was not harmed in the making of this episode.
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Xu (2008-1-15 4:25:59) ★★★★
a sad truth of real day to day engine behind chinese economy
diego.lajst (2007-11-25 2:02:53) ★★★★★
Hey! Very good view of the contrasts in the "modern" China!
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