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short film about Uighurs in Beijing.The Uighurs, pronounced Wee-gers and sometimes spelled Uyghurs, are a Muslim ethnic group from Xinjiang, Chinese central Asia.

Danwei TV interviews several Uighurs in Beijing selling lamb kebabs (yang rou chuan'r) and Uighur candy, and shows their working conditions.

Interviews were conducted in Mandarin, which is not the Uighurs native tongue: they speak their own language, which is related to Turkish.

Shot and edited by Luke Mines, this film is presented by Jeremy Goldkorn, with original music by Fernando Fidanza.
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Servet (2014-12-20 23:13:51) ★★★★
Hey, that post leaves me feeling foihsol. Kudos to you!
tong (2007-12-25 7:06:20) ★★★
I am a Chinese student in Turkey , I like Turkish but not include the M.F. Xin Jiang guys !!!!
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