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Best wishes for the Year of the Pig!

This video is a rare glimpse of a folk dance performance by a deaf and hearing impaired troupe from Shenyang. The dance is called 'Yang Ge' and is traditionally performed to bring in the New Year and features characters from Chinese legends like Sun Wukong (the Monkey King) and Xuan Zang. This was filmed in March, 2007
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Beijinggirl (2007-11-5 4:57:37) ★★★★★
I'm really fascinated to the way you guys seeing Beijing, although I've been living in this city for about twenty years since I came to this world.^_^

It's kind of like to see yourself from a totally different view, and you suddenly find out that you are not that familiar with yourself, at least, not as much as you thought. This might partly because our different culture backgrounds. If I ask those people the same questions you asked, they would say I must lost my mind or I am silly. The question is that I never get any chance to learn about how other average people think about these simple things in our daily lives.

I like the episode about how young people in Beijing think about marriage these days. However,some of the points given by those are still arguable. Next time, I suggest, you should enlarge your circle of interviewees:),and you might hear more interesting answers.

Great job! Not only for western people, but also for Chinese.

By the way, I love Beijing, cause it is my home city.
IBM-user (2007-10-11 16:59:34) ★★★★★
Thanks Sufei for your great works. I live in canada now,

today it is my first time watching your movie. I like it so much.

I will be your faithfull audience
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