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A short video about showing the current state of four of Beijing's new mega buildings:

- Rem Koolhaas' new CCTV building

- Paul Andreu's National Theater

- The National Swimming Center or 'Water Cube' designed by PTW

- The Olympic Stadium designed Herzog & de Meuron

Shot and edited by Luke Mines, presented by Jeremy Goldkorn.
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(2007-12-3 19:01:26)
Absolutely right,this show is making beijinger homesick soooo much ,I m also one of them . But it s great show to tell the pples about china about beijing. We r proud of china , of beijing.
HUA (2007-11-6 0:53:55)
i just love love LOVE ur shows, u know what, ur shows made me homesick, for i m a beijinger, who s studing in tokio, and let me tell y all something, this city bored my ##s off, hewwwww

actually, one of my close friends who was living in the building, or at least to me it was the building where he lives, where u guys have this show shot, homesick...
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