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Sexy Beijing is a show about love, lust, youth culture and street life in China's capital. In this episode, our heroine Su Fei goes around Beijing, asking Chinese people what their English names are, and why they need them.

Who said China is not a creative country?

- This episode was shot in June and July 2006 in Beijing. - Starring Su Fei, shot and edited by Luke Mines, with music by Fernando Fidanza.
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laowai (2007-10-22 2:33:13)
laptop, bedtop, very sexy
Carolina Lee (2007-10-15 8:04:41)
The show is awesome! At end of each show I just want to see

more and know more about Su Fei's journey and chinese

culture. Hope to join your team next year!
Shopgirl's SH (2007-10-13 18:30:57)
hahahaha, this is amazing!!! I love it!

You have inspired me

c-dawg (2007-10-13 7:12:06)
hilarious! this show is the best. i gotta partake in the next filming when im in beijing!
Josefine Loewenberg (2007-9-26 1:32:41)
I love the show!
hello (2007-9-22 23:57:03)
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