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In this episode of Sexy Beijing, Su Fei tries to please her mother and go for one of her own kind. She visits the opening of the mikvah bath at a new Jewish community centre in Beijing and finds out what it would be like to go Orthodox.

Shot and edited by Luke Mines, written by Anna Sophie Loewenberg, produced by Mines, Goldkorn and Loewenberg, music by Fernando Fidanza and the Chabad band, Chinese subtitles by Peng Xin.
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-1' (2014-3-18 9:59:26)
Sufei (2007-9-25 18:20:26)
These are some of my favorite comments

posted on Youtube during the past year:


i'ts a wonderfull mikva!

recomend to all married jewish woman to go to a mikve!

is great to refresh your relationship with your husband

after minimun 12 days of abstinence..

she's gonna sumerge in a mikva

she will be teora,pure now,& the desires will grow accordingly..

any questions?

Judaism doesn't really appear to me. I still think Buddism makes

most sense, due to its philosophical component. True buddhists

do away with most of the mysticism and focuses on the truths

that they can discern with their senses and lifelong learning.


Do they speak chinese? i heard they spoke English and German.

btw,why Sophia always asks people if she could find a man to

marry....LOL. She is young...dont do that in such a hurry.


She's not young, in one of the episode, she said she's around 35.

Besides, she's just doing a TV show, everything she said might

not releated to her real life.

You have ever watched Da Ali G show, you will understand what

I mean.


oh my god... she´s OOOOLD... hahahahahhahahhhahha

(blackeangle, you haven't lived much. Have you?? this is like

when you are in primary school, and you think people from high

school are old and mature and so cool)


I vote Chinese Jews to be 55th ethnic minority to be recognized

by the PRC government!


she look like a horney school teacher


Jewish people have come to China way back in history.

A lot of them have already become Chinese as they

inter-married. In fact, some of them lived around the town of my

birthplace, in the city of Nan-Yang, He-Nan province.
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