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In this classic from the Sexy Beijing vaults, Su Fei puts on her bikini and heads to Qingdao for a holiday. But the beach is full of nuptial surprises.

Keep watching after the credits for sneak peak at our interview with Bla Fleck, Abigail Washburn and the Sparrow Quartet.
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Brandi (2014-3-5 10:04:56)
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Gary (2008-2-11 8:50:53)
Dear SuFei,

I love your episode.

My name is Gary. Hope can make friend with you
Ozdude (2007-12-13 12:23:32)
Hey Su fei, you looks hot in that shade.
Phil (2007-11-20 4:38:29)
great great great! Thanks for that video
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