Hutong Renovations 2009

The Beijing government has started a new round of demolitions and renovations of the hutong homes in the Dongcheng District. We spoke to neighbors and found out that most residents will move back into their homes, which are being renovated at the government's expense, to make them safer and replace coal heating systems with electric. The downside is that these low-income residents, who rent from the government, were only given two weeks notice and had to find their own alternative housing and move at their own expense. Some say this is part of a Chinese stimulus plan and neighbors complain that the government is cutting corners to get the job done quickly. The government promises that it will take no longer than four months, and more like two months, to finish the project. Considering that most of the homes are being demolished with sledgehammers powered by migrant labor, they are coming down mighty fast.

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Commie, Homo-hating Sons of Guns?

CCTV 6 did broadcast the 81st Oscar Awards Ceremony, all except for the night's climax--the acceptance speech of Milk screen writer Dustin Lance Black and part of Sean Penn's acceptance speech for his leading role in the same film.

Viewers in Hong Kong also reported that Star TV (owned by Rupert Murdoch) aired the speeches in their entirety but muted the volume whenever any of those commie Hollywood types uttered the words "gay" or "lesbian."

Here and here are some links on Chinese blogs about the homophobic Oscar coverage.

CCTV 6 did the same thing when Brokeback Mountain won Oscars. See here.

But as hard as the CCTV nanny works to protect innocent Beijingers from
all of this homo talk, same sex love seems to be catching on. It was a
Gay Valentine's Day this year in Beijing. Here are the pictures to
prove it:

For more on this go to the Wall Street Journal blog by clicking here.

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