Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Watch Out!

Hi guys who don't know what to do with your hair, Brush Head Boy (Shuatounan) is here to teach you how to fix your hair into different styles with wax, water or even glue.

Here is more Brush Head Boy for you. This time he teaches you how to make money in the stock market...in his kitchen, because the Chinese call stock trading "chao gupiao (stir fry stock)". Got the joke?

If you like them, Sufei's got some competition. Or do you think Sufei should give him a call? Apparently he knows what to do to look good and how to make money in the stock market. For more information about the creators of this mocumentary series, click here to their home-page.

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Bus Too Crowded? Make a Complaint on Your Mayor's Blog!

The Southern Weekly on August 16, 2007 reported on a trend among government officials -- to get on Internet or start a blog to communicate with netizen voters.

This June, Mayor Wang Hongju and Prime Secretary Wangyang of Chongqing City asked citizens' opinions regarding a city planning problem via Internet. Citizen Du Shulin sent the Prime Secretary an email and got a reply immediately with an invitation to meet the Major in his office.

On August 3, Zhao Qizheng, former Director of News Office of the State Council, started a blog on Sina.com, which is known to be the blog started by the highest government official. On the first day more than 5,000 viewers read the first entry.

In Suqian in Jiangsu Provence, more than 80 government officials have started blogs. Other ones include: Zhu Yongxin, Vice Mayor of Suzhou in Jiangsu Province, Vice Mayor of Luliang in Shanxi Province.

In August for several times the People's Daily called on all public servants to get on the Internet, calling it an "unblockable information channel".

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Kunqu Is the New Chivas

According to Southern Weekly, Kunqu is the new fun thing to do after dinner. But actually, Kunqu is very old. It is one of the oldest Chinese traditional operas with a history of 600 years. Some call it the father of Peking Opera.

The Southern Weekly (In Chinese) on August 16, 2007 reported on Beijing's highly priced Kunqu Show with the producer's comments. This article captured yet another sign of the new Chinese elite trying to bring Chinese traditional culture back in fashion when China is busy "importing" cool things to do from the West.

Since the beginning of May, the Kunqu opera performance takes place every weekend at the red-carpeted "NO.17 Warehouse" space in Nanxincang International Plaza. The ticket price ranges from RMB580-1980 and there are 3 boxes of 8 people priced at RMB12,000 (1,600USD). Targeted at the "New Elite Traditionalists in Beijing", the show has been the same one so far -- Mudanting (Peony Pavilion), the most classic Kunqu show. Only it has been cut shorter and shorter so the audience won't fall asleep. To the producing team's satisfaction, averagely 60%-70% seats are sold every week.

Wang Xiang, the producer, describes his target audience like this: they don't know what Kunqu is; they don't know what "Peony Pavilion" is or who wrote it; they just want to be (or bring their guests-to-impress to be) near something pretty looking and supposedly with taste. The director admits that the show is priced out of common people's reach.

Wang observed that laowai always buys the cheapest ticket available while the chinese always the most expensive ones. "When you had enough of LV, Armani and luxury cuban cigars, traditional chinese culture is a nice change," concluded Wang.

Many celebrities are reported to have seen the show, including the Nobel Prize for Physics winner Yang Zhenning.

The show also caters to tourists groups. As the most classic show of Kunqu, "Peony Pavilion" was brought on stage by many famous directors like Bai Xianyong ("the youth version" at Renyi Theatre) and Chen Shizhong (Lincoln Center NY)

Key words: Kunqu, Mudanting, Baixianyong, new traditionalism, China, yuppie, elite, peking opera

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Dodolook- China's First Self-made Internet Pop Star

If you are following the V-logger (video blogger) trends in China, you must have heard of Dodolook.

This now 23-year-old girl made herself a big star through V-logs and became a phenomenon in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. She went from the girl next door to the spokesperson of several websites and online games and a soon-to-be pop singer. Below is a Tudou clip of her being worshipped by pop stars on Kangxi Laile -- the most popular talkshow in Taiwan.

It all started when Dodolook moved to Canada with her parents from Guangxi Province, China and majored in visual arts in December 2005. She needed a new computer for school work but was short of cash. At the same time a Taiwan blog server put out a 5000 USD prize for the best V-logger of the year. Dodolook started her own V-log and stuffed it with funny short GIF videoes with great ideas and choices of music. Here is one of them:

Her V-log got 1,450,000 hits within 3 months and was growing by 30,000 per day. Dodolook became a household name in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. On this another popular talkshow below in Hong Kong, she said to her thousands of fans that she didn't care about winning that prize anymore -- "I did what I loved to do and see how much people loved it too! "

Here's the V-log that made Dodolook famous on the mainland.

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CCTV Tower

The CCTV tower is getting close to getting joined at the top.

Here is some animation from the project.

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