Letter From A German Neurologist

The best thing about interviewing my father for The Freudian Episode was how awed I felt by history and by the courage and foresight of my grandparents. I never met them, yet the choices they made completely altered the course of my father's life, and probably saved it, which is why I'm here. Furthermore, the older I get, the more their plight hits home. They were around my age and newly married when they decided to pick up and leave Germany. My grandmother Sophie wasn't even a Jew when she met my grandfather Richard. She converted to marry him. That was the pre-Nazi era and she had little idea what marrying a Jew would mean for her future or the future of her son.

I was both intrigued and touched by this letter from a German neurologist who watched the show and shared with me another piece of my grandfather's story.

Hi Sufei,

Your grandfather is mentioned in the History Section of the Hamburg
University Department of Psychiatry homepage. It says that he was fired
because of a Nazi law. Here's a link to their webpage in German

Weygandt mu?trotz nationaler Einstellung und radikalem erbbiologischen
Denken sein Amt auf Senatsbeschlu?r?men, vermutlich auf Betreiben des
Hamburger "?ztef?rers" Willy Holzmann, der f? sich einen Konkurenten
in Sachen rassenhygienischer Kompetenz ausschalten wollte (van den
Bussche, 1989b). Aus antisemitischen Gr?den im Rahmen des "Gesetzes
zur Widerherstellung des Berufsbeamtentumes" wurden ferner Professor
Hermann Josephy (Prosektor Pathologie), Professor Victor Kafka
(Abteilungsleiter des Bakteriologisch-Serologischen Institutes) und Dr.
Richard L?enberg (Assistenzarzt) entlassen. Diesbez?liche Angaben zu
anderen Mitarbeitern der Klinik sind nicht bekannt.

I found your "Freudian Episode" highly interesting. Being a German
neurologist and psychiatrist I was very moved by your story. I wondered
whether you would be interested in researching more about your
grandfather? biography. I have some contact to German Historians of
Medicine and if I can be of any help in this regard, please, do not
hesitate to let me know.

I enjoy watching "Sexy Beijing" and wish you good luck for your future work!


Neurologist and Psychiatrist

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