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Sexy Beijing is an Internet TV station run by an in-house production team. We also work with a handful of contributors in the editing room and on productions.

Sexy Beijing has been on the Internet since 2006 when we launched Danwei TV, a now popular video site. Since then, we have moved our productions to: www.sexybeijing.tv

Our shows have also aired on NBC in Los Angeles, Hunan TV, China Educational TV, and many other stations around China as well as conferences around the world.

Our key people include:

Luke Mines- Cameraman, Editor, Director
Anna Sophie Loewenberg- Producer, Second Camera, Editor, Writer, Host
Mia Li- Production Assistant, Research, Translation, Host

For more about our production house, go to: www.goldminesfilm.com

We welcome contributions from aspiring filmmakers. Please contact us at: info@goldminesfilm.com

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